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Семена от мащерка в капачката на молив.

Проект „Мащерка“ е свързан с моливчета, в капачката на които има семена от мащерка.


Всеки отговорен човек засажда семената на знанието и очаква да отгледа професионализъм, социален растеж и обществени постижения. Да опитаме заедно – символично със семената от мащерка и с Агенция ОЗОН.


Какво е общото между хората и мащерката? Как тя и ние извървяваме своя път, преодоляваме трудностите и намираме начин да отговорим на предизвикателствата.

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Той и детето

Той се взираше безизразно през прозореца. Денят беше мрачен, но това не пречеше на децата, които играеха на гоненица и се смееха навън. 

Стрелките на часовника се местеха неусетно, точно както преминаваха и хората под прозореца. 

А дървото отсреща, с тънки стебла и вечно зелени листа, подредени в срещуположни двойки, също беше застинало във времето – нечут, глух шепот от някакъв друг свят, потънал в сивотата/примката на реалността…

                                                                                                                                                                           – Митко и Рени

Обича да расте на слънце

Кой обича? Защо обича? Какво обича? Растението обича .. Сладките сокове от земята. Дъждът и светлината от небето. Прегръдката на другите растения, нежността на въздуха и танца на вятъра. Детето обича. То обича да го обичат. Милите хора край него. Мечтае да порасне …

                                                                                                                                                                       – Димитър Добрев


If we open a dictionary and try to find the meaning of the word knowledge, we will read: “the state of knowing about or being familiar with something”; “information and understanding about a subject” and some others, all more or less similar to this explanation. For me personally “knowledge” means the essence of a person. What you know makes you who you are!

I once read what has been the first thing that distinguished the people from the animals and what has made us start advancing compared to the other animal species. Can you guess what is? If you think fire, love, walking upright, or any similar- you are on the wrong track. It was the knowledge of how to take care of a broken leg so that it is cured, because any animal with a broken leg is about to be eaten or die eventually. Therefore, it was the knowledge that made humans advance and rule the other animals.

In my life, knowledge has played an enormous role. Knowing more has always been the driving force. If someone can learn it, so can I. I have to know more, I have to be, if not the best, one of the best. If I do something- it has to be in a professional way. I have to read, study, know, practice and achieve more. My personal growth and achievements, my professionalism in any field I try, have to be based on a lot of knowledge- this is my strength. I must admit that my whole perception of the world around me is through the prism of knowledge. I value people who are good professionals in their field, who know a lot, but are also willing to develop, because this is what has brought humanity from fixing the broken leg to where we are now.

Information, its usage and understanding, its development and growth determine who we are. Have you heard the saying: “If you think of a year ahead- plant some rice, if you think of 10 – plant a tree and if you think of 100- educate the people (give them knowledge)”. And if in ancient Rome and Greece- thyme has been a symbol of strength, I think nowadays knowledge is what symbolizes the growth and strength of mankind. This is what will distinguish humans from any animal species and even the more and more advancing artificial intelligence, because AI is based on the human knowledge and it can’t exist without it. Can you think of how many times you have told out loud: “This stupid computer can’t do this or that” or “This stupid machine doesn’t start” or others. Yes, you are correct- the computer is stupid without a person telling him in a correct way what to do. Each AI is built by a person’s knowledge, it is driven by a person’s knowledge and assessed by the same.

Knowledge has been the humans’ strength in the past, it is in the present and it will be in the future. It drives us forward as individuals, as groups, as mankind! This is the base of who we are and where we are going to!

                                                                                                                                                                                     – Daniela Nikolova

Embracing Professionalism for Personal Growth and Achievements

In today’s rapidly changing world, the importance of professionalism cannot be overstated. Professionalism encompasses a set of values and behaviors that contribute to one’s personal growth and drive towards achieving their goals. Professionalism is a multi-faceted concept, encompassing various attributes such as dedication, commitment, accountability, respect, and empathy. Just like thyme adds depth and flavor to a dish, professionalism enriches our personal and professional lives. It sets the foundation for success and growth by establishing guidelines for ethical conduct, effective communication, and continuous improvement.

Professionalism plays a vital role in an individual’s personal growth journey. Embracing professionalism fosters self-discipline and a strong work ethic. As we consistently prioritize quality and excellence in our pursuits, we cultivate a mindset that is receptive to growth and development. Professionalism encourages us to seek out new challenges, learn from our mistakes, and adopt a growth mindset, fueling our personal development.

When professionalism becomes an integral part of our everyday lives, it becomes the driving force for remarkable achievements. For instance, professionals who exemplify the values of punctuality, reliability, and conscientiousness often excel in their chosen fields. The commitment to maintaining high standards and consistently delivering excellent results increases the likelihood of accomplishing significant milestones and attaining personal and professional goals. Maintaining professionalism is not without challenges. Just as thyme endures harsh conditions to produce its aromatic qualities, professionals need to exhibit resilience in the face of adversity. By embracing challenges, taking calculated risks, and adapting to unforeseen circumstances, individuals grow both personally and professionally. Professionalism equips one with the necessary skills to handle setbacks and emerge stronger, ultimately fueling future achievements.

The journey towards personal growth and achievements is intrinsically linked to professionalism. Just as thyme enhances the flavors of a dish, professionalism enriches our lives, driving us to reach our fullest potential. By embodying professionalism, individuals gain the skills, mindset, and attributes necessary to thrive in their chosen fields, set and achieve ambitious goals, and make a positive impact. As we continue our personal and professional journeys, let us always embrace professionalism, knowing that it is the key ingredient to unlocking a world of growth and achievements.

                                                                                                                                                                                            – Севил Георгиева

Тhyme tea

Children, teachers, an excursion, a road, a bus, laughter, teasing… But  we see only a gray, gloomy road…

“Mrs., look  purple, white, pink… thyme! Let’s stop!”

The driver is frowning. We must not deviate from the route. I insist that we stop  and we do. We get off the bus.

Beauty, fragrance, freshness and youth. Thyme. I touch it and I also touch the children’s hair . I look into the children’s eyes and see in them… the thyme. Children and thyme look alike. I stare at the colorful world around me and see tiny seeds in labored hands. I also hear a heart that beats in rhythm with the hands that sprinkle the seeds in the soil – seeds that will become the most powerful herb that activates the mind and releases tension. But how? The hands know how, the heart feels how, the mind controls, but it takes time… and care, and patience. Thyme loves heat, light. If it is in the shade, it will grow very slowly and may even dry out. During growth, the soil is covered with small star-like inflorescences in pink, purple, white and almost no ground is visible. And on a warm summer evening, it will give the eyes, the heart, the hands its best honey aroma.

The children around me run among the thyme with  joyful shouts  and merge with it – small inflorescences with fair, black or red hair, with eyes eager  for knowledge. They are in my hands, in my heart, in my thoughts. I am like those  hands tending to the thyme seeds. I am the one who must give them light and warmth so that they can grow and give the best of themselves to the world, to be useful to it. They are my rose from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s ‘’The Little Prince’’, which I take care of and  I am responsible for as long as I am in the world. And I will always exist – through them, with  the  lesson of beauty and freedom that they learned, allowing them to run among the thyme, merging with it.

‘’Mrs., give me your hand!’’- I hear a child’s voice amidst the chaos of my thoughts – “We will run with you, Mrs., to the end of the field with the thyme. Who will get there first? ‘’

‘’Run, children… I will wave to you from here. Are you ready? Start!’’

And they run, each to their own goal. They don’t  turn back to see me.  They know I am here. My students  are my roses among the thyme. I wave after them with a hand and I inhale deeply the best honey aroma in the world – that of thyme.

Children, school, professionalism, growth, care, responsibility, achievement, satisfaction – I think  about it, sipping fragrant  warm thyme tea on the bus, listening to the happy children’s voices around me, adorned with purple wreaths that look   like laurel  wreaths.                                        

My students –  they are my olympians,  my champions , my pride.

                                                                                                                                                                                                  – Дияна Савова

We live in an age when many of us are trying to be professionalists in their occupation.

We live in an age when many of us are trying to be professionalists in their occupation. Some people even forget about their core, because of their self-growth.

First of all, humans forget themselves trying to be somebody else. The achievements they are searching for are fabulous, but unreal. For example, the government is trying to have a country without any internal problems between the citizens, but we all know that is impossible due to different interests, but it is a great idea if you believe it. I have seen those people who are aiming this and they are out of rails. Some psychologists say that thyme tea is helping their nerves, but I have not seen politicians that have good nerves.

Secondly, people are curious and this is developing the world. But we are not born just for our careers and making money to buy things someone told us we need. We have to explore this planet and see its beautiful sides. We need money to do it and that’s why we are aiming to be professional. We are dying before living because when we have the money to travel we will be already 70 years old. We tell our kids to live their lives, but after watching TV, sitting on the couch without any dreams and drinking thyme tea every day.

In conclusion, we forget about ourselves during the process of making us the best. Our dream achievements are the things that pull us back. If we do not see the world today, tomorrow might be too late even for thyme tea.

                                                                                                                                                                                     – Александър Господинов

Family, school, society

„Every responsible person plants the seeds of knowledge and expects to grow professionalism, social growth and public achievement.“

From the birth of man to the end of his life, he begins to learn the rules of his family and at the same time shapes his individuality, as the final result is the formation of his personality.

The environment in which he lives directly affects the upbringing of the personality, but the qualities he possesses are a prerequisite for his development. At the same time, it is the environment that allows these qualities to develop and refine it. Everyone has different aspirations in this life, but in order to be good people with high moral and ethical values, the school also contributes with the good teachers who teach, support, educate…

Entering school, the child has a new social role, if he finds himself in a favorable environment, meets good professionals, will grow, develop and achieve high results. School is not just a place where he receives a certain amount of knowledge. It is an institution which forms his personality through the teacher. Therefore, the relationships between teachers and their students are very special. What they do reflects on each other. They cannot survive without one another. Based on this special relationship, certain expectations have been created in the classroom. Gradually, rules are established between them that are binding on both sides. The main aspect of this relationship is based, usually, on the responsibility and obligation that these individuals feel towards each other, but in the depth of their relationship there are other elements, such as respect, trust and care.

The qualities of a good teacher are endless. However, among them we can mention a few basic traits that an educator must possess to be called a capable teacher. These are kindness, self-control, duty, reliability and sincerity. For example, kind and reliable teachers are always available for their students, mentally and physically. They spend a lot of their valuable time after school with those who need help learning, and not only to be more successful and happy in school. There are many stories that we have heard or experienced with our students. For those who have been on the verge of failing or being expelled from school as a result of their bad behavior and unacceptable performance.

A supportive teacher becomes a turning point that changes these students for the better and brings them back to society. Young people are the future of the nation, if they are not given the opportunity to develop and choose, they will not be useful to the world around them.

                                                                                                                                                                                             – Гюрджан Хамди

Thyme of Professional Growth

Cultivating Professionalism: A Journey of Growth and Achievement Through the Thyme of Success

In the vast landscape of personal and professional development, people strive to cultivate qualities that propel them toward success. One such essential attribute is professionalism, a trait that not only defines one’s character but also serves as a catalyst for growth and achievement. This essay explores the interconnected journey of professionalism, personal growth, and achievement, drawing parallels with the symbolism of thyme—a herb known for its resilience and adaptability.

Thyme as a Symbol of Resilience: Thyme, with its hardy nature, symbolizes resilience in the face of challenges. Similarly, professionalism requires individuals to navigate setbacks and difficulties with grace. The ability to bounce back from setbacks is a testament to one’s commitment to excellence and perseverance in the pursuit of goals.

Professionalism as the Soil for Growth: The soil in which thyme thrives represents the professional environment that fosters growth. Professionalism sets the foundation for a conducive atmosphere where individuals can develop their skills, collaborate effectively, and contribute to the collective success of a team or organization. Just as thyme flourishes in well-tended soil, individuals flourish in a professional setting that values integrity, responsibility, and continuous improvement.

The Cultivation of Personal Growth:

Much like thyme spreading its roots and branches, personal growth is a continuous process that extends in various directions. Professionalism acts as the guiding force, encouraging individuals to expand their skill sets, embrace new challenges, and engage in lifelong learning. Through the cultivation of a professional mindset, individuals become adaptable and open to change, fostering an environment conducive to personal development.

Achievement as the Harvest of Professionalism: The culmination of professionalism and personal growth is the harvest of achievement. Thyme, when carefully tended to, yields a bountiful harvest, mirroring the rewards reaped by individuals who embody professionalism and commit to their continuous development. Achievements are not merely milestones but reflections of the dedication, discipline, and ethical conduct embedded in a professional journey.

In the tapestry of personal and professional development, thyme serves as a poignant metaphor for the qualities of resilience and adaptability essential in the pursuit of success. The cultivation of professionalism provides the fertile ground for personal growth, ultimately leading to the harvest of achievement. As individuals navigate the thyme of their careers, embracing professionalism becomes a compass guiding them towards sustained growth and noteworthy accomplishments.

                                                                                                                                                                                                   – Донка Борисова


Have you ever thought that the creation is the fruit of the creator? We often pay attention to the works rather than the maker. But that is another story.

Now, I will tell you about the similarity between two creations – the thyme and the man. Thyme is so fragile and at the same time full of so much strength, like its Creator. Have you ever observed this plant? It is all grace. We can learn from its ability to be drought resistant. It loves the heat. In England and France there are types of thyme that withstand low and negative temperatures. It is similar in human life. There are periods of drought and darkness. No matter the temperature around us that is useful and meaningful is to keep the warmth of our hearts so that we can shine and continue to grow. Likewise, thyme loves light. And even more – its renewal requires pruning, sometimes even cutting off its entire stem. It is painful but renewing.

There are things in human life that hinder its refreshment. We need to cut them off to refresh ourselves and make room for the new blessings that await us. It is life`s recipe for tenderness and strength woven into one.

                                                                                                                                                                             25th of November 2023

                                                                                                                                                                    – Marieta Krasimirova Ivanova

                                                                                                                                                            Junior High School English Teacher

                                                                                                                               “HRISTO BOTEV” Secondary School in Tutrakan town